International Editorial Photography 218

    Romanian Photographers Bucharest

    Iancu Cristi is a freelancer photographer based in Bucarest, mainly specializing in glamour beauty photography and portraits. The majority of his work is with glamour models and those wanting to enter glamour modelling as a career, who are perhaps in need of some photographs to start off their model portfolio. L..

    Romanian Photographers Bucharest

    Daniel Ilinca is a professional photographer and retoucher based in Bucharest. His work includes multiple publications. He is available for photography projects internationally. Additionally he offers Real-time photoshop workshop sessions on a one-on-one basis over the internet, usi..

    Canadian Photographers Toronto › 276 Carlaw Ave

    Born in England and raised in Canada, Chris Nicholls has emerged as a highly sought after fashion photographer, splitting his time between New York and Toronto. Chris’ work focuses on fashion photography, for which he is well known. He has won numerous international awards for his work including 14 National..

    Italian Photographers Milan

    Lior Susana is a Milan based fashion, beauty and advertising photographer with work shown in numerous international publications and Ad campaigns. in 2011 Lior received a scholarship from the high fashion institute, Istituto Marangoni, located in Milan where he successfully finished the Masters program in fashio..

    American Photographers New York City

    Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York. As a New York fashion photographer, her editorials have appeared in dozens of publications internationally. She regularly contributes to a variety of major photo publications including Professional Photographer, Rangefinder Magazine, Shutterbug and more..

    Hungarian Photographers Budapest

    Zoltan is a Fashion and portrait photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Zoltan uses staged, fully planned images that combine the seductive powers of cinematic and conceptual photograph. His work includes fashion, beauty and editorials. Always open to collaborate with talented and professional individuals like designers, wardrobe styl..

    Brazilian Photographers Sao Paulo

    Fotógrafo de moda.

    Australian Photographers Melbourne › 131 Bluff Road

    Vlad Savin specializes in editorials and model books. Clear shoots with relaxed models posing on luxurious, natural or simple-colored backgrounds. Skills Background Vlad Savin is a freelance fashion photographer born and raised in Iasi, the Moldavian region of north-eastern Romania, Vlad owes much of his Weltanschauung (world v..

    Russian Photographers Moscow

    Fedor (Theodore) Shmidt is Russian photographer and videographer based in Moscow specializing in advertising and body photography. He is largely known for his glamour photoshoots featuring fit models. He is available for fashion and print projects internationally.

    Greek Photographers Athens › Dafni

    Nikol Bartzoka is a professional photographer based in Athens. Her work includes collaboration with numerous fashion magazines as well as prominent agencies. She is specialized in editorial, fashion and beauty photography while she also undertakes advertising and commercial assignments.

    International list of photographers that can be hired for editorial photography projects. The list includes both world renowned editorial photographers as well as new talents. Typical jobs include magazine print ads, tearsheets, stories, covers and lifestyle themed photography. Editorial photos in general provide a theme as well as visual detail in all parts of the photo. The background is usually styled with the same level of art direction as the foreground models. Successful full page editorials can have such level of detail that the reader will spend quite some time exploring all the tiny parts and pieces. Editorials are usually staged in such a way that they propose a special life-style or theme. There is an attempt to place the models along a story-line where they serve as actors. Editorial photos require the additional expertise on styling and directing and generally are considered a more complex work of art. Editorial photography is a very effective form of advertising that is key to a successful fashion magazine.