Concept Styling by International Fashion Stylists 8

    British Fashion Stylists London

    Lola Royle is a fashion stylist, presenter, reporter and writer. Her infectious, bubbly personality and mischievous character ensure she will be noticed wherever she goes and enables her to achieve exciting interviews in the most unexpected locations. Her witty, humorous and charismatic personality with an edgy twist and a close eye to ..

    Canadian Fashion Stylists Vancouver

    Marchel B. Eang is upcoming mens stylist based in Vancouver, Canada and mens fashion director at One1One Magazine. His understanding of the multitudinous different fashion demographics is indispensable and makes him a one to watch. With only a year under his belt his work has already been featured in One1One Magazine, ION Magazine Onlin..

    American Fashion Stylists Los Angeles

    Jen Summers is a fashion stylist, wardrobe stylist, costume designer, and fashion designer. She has been working independently in this field since 1997. She has excelled at her work as a fashion stylist and has been published in numerous magazines both in the US and in Europe. Jen has also worked as the Creative Director on many pro..

    Australian Fashion Stylists Sydney

    Freelance Fashion Stylist based in Sydney also offering services in Brisbane, Melbourne and Internationally. Karmyn has been working in the fashion industry for over a decade creating simple, intriguing compositions. From the beginning in concept development to the end with the fina..

    Fashion Stylists in Ireland Dublin

    Aislinn Ellen is a freelance Fashion Stylist from Dublin, Ireland. Available for styling services,

    Canadian Fashion Stylists Calgary › 527 15Th Ave S.W.

    Ivan Jimenez is a Calgary based wardrobe stylist who believes that FASHION is the best way to say who you are. Ivan is a dreamer, a fashion lover. He believes that if you dream it, it can come true. About He graduated from Blanche Macdonald in 2012, he moved back to Calgary and he started work as Visual Merchandiser then he got the oppo..

    Australian Fashion Stylists Sydney › Waterloo

    Lenya Jones, an Australian based stylist creates a unique aesthetic drawing from her New York heritage and time spent working in Paris. Lenya’s formidable passion for fashion keeps her in the avante garde of styling, creating visually stunning emotive work. Lenya Jones has developed edgy and glamorous shoot..

    Greek Fashion Stylists Kavala › 1St Parodos Omonoias

    George Mavrogiannis is a stylist based in Kavala, Greece. His work includes creating handmade unique jewelry, accessories, bags and clothes under his brand-name "Precious".